Universal Energy is a vital life force throughout nature. It is also called “Prana” in Sanskrit. Its major constituent is a form of Solar Energy. All living things- human beings, animals, plants and micro-organisms must have Universal Energy to vitalize their life functions. It operates on a holistic, system, organ and cellular levels.

Visually, Universal Energy or Prana is very subtle but visible as a light with wavelengths of blue above and red below. Normal light obscures Universal Energy but cobalt, blue blocking filters, enable ordinary people to see Universal Energy and Auras.

Filter fitted cameras are used to take photographs of energy emanating from human hands and feet. These are called “Kirlian Photographs”. The Institute for Scientific Photography of West Germany has 80,000 documented Kirlian photographs.

Breathing Exercises or Meditation stimulates the “Opened” Chakras to assimilate the Universal Energy to process and distribute it throughout the body. Programmed Universal Energy continually flows through the body to vitalize and revitalize body tissues.

In 1960s, Physician Walter Kilner, using a color screen treated with the chemical dicyanine, has taken photographs of human aura, plant aura and Universal Energy over topographical masses. Delawarr Laboratories also developed a camera that photographs radionic (universal energy) in animals and human organisms. In 1930s Dr. Harold Burr, Professor of Biology at Yale University, Psychiatrist Leonard Ravitz, College of William and Mary, conducted a detailed study on vital energies of living organisms and their abilities to organize, direct and hold together the complex chemical interchanges which accompany biological processes. Dr Burr published ‘Evidence for the Existence of an Electrodynamics Field in Living Organisms’. Ref: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Vol. XXV(April 1939), pp184-288.

“It is possible that there are human emanations of which we are ignorant. You remember how skeptical everyone was about electric currents and invisible waves? Science is still in its infancy”
—-Albert Einstein, to his biographer, Antonia Valentin.

If it works, accept it, because science will catch up and reveal how it works later.
It has always been the way, science will discover how it works after it is seen working.

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