Master Luong Minh Dang

Dr Trung  Minh Luong, who visited Malaysia in 2010, gave a brief talk on the Vision, Mission and Teachings of Master Dang:

1. Early days of Master Dang and his Meditations in the Mountains
2. The Fall of Vietnam and migration to USA
3. How Master started healing by UE Transfer to a Kitchen Helper in mid 1986

1. Master Dang traveled to many places in California and Texas to give healings to many Vietnamese from 1986 to 1989. Master Dang took 17 years to train himself before he started teaching the Techniques at Level 1. Then he took 18 years to conduct Seminars up to Level 20(Highest).

2. In July 1989, Master Dang conducted his 1st Class of Level 1 to 24 Vietnamese students.

3. In  1994, Master Dang established “Spiritual Human Yoga”(SHY) after traveling to many countries like France, Holland, Belgium, etc since 1992.

4. In 2000 the MEL School was established and teachings were conducted by Video Conferencing so that more people could learn the UE Healing Techniques.

5. In Nov 2006, Master Dang established the Structure and Guidelines for MEL School and appointed Senior Instructors for the future expansion of the MEL School. He also gave guidelines on Human Universal Energy(HUE) and wished to establish the HUE-FACULTY, Inc.

6. In July 2007, Master Dang conducted the Highest Level 20 Seminar and declared it to be the Highest Level Teachings in MEL School and Authorized 1541 Practitioners in the World to open Chakra 100%.

7. On 12th Aug, 2007, during the 2nd Level 19 Seminar, which was being transmitted to 17 countries world-wide, Master Dang passed away suddenly.

8. From then on Dr Trung together with Senior Instructors and Center Heads for different countries, are to carry on Master’s Mission as set in Nov 2006, though there are many ups and downs.

9.    Hence this need for Dr Trung to visit many countries to answer all Questions so   that many will continue to apply HUE in their daily lives.


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