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The Organization’s purpose is to serve Mankind through the use of Human and Universal Energy Healing in all aspects of a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states of being and in other areas such as agriculture and the environment.


These General Bylaws are to be used by all Worldwide Centers as approved by Master Loung Minh Dang.

DEFINITION: This is a method of applying Universal Energy as a “Healing and Preventive” tool to promote good health.

In general, the Training Courses are designed to make this tool available to the people who are interested. We only provide the guidelines, and the practitioners are the ones who decide the effectiveness of this teaching through their personal applications.

There are several Key Points we want to make sure the students understand when they attend the Classes.

1)We do not prescribe any form of chemical substance nor medication and we do not propose any dietary program.

2)We work in conjunction with the current medical standard, and we do not give advice on medical related issues, such as continuing with chemotherapy, or undergoing surgery, etc. We strongly recommend the clients to consult with their physicians on these matters.

3)We can apply this technique to help other people upon their request. If there is a request and we are not available, we can decline or wait until we are free. There is no obligation. A person can learn this technique simply for his/her own health and if he/she does not wish to help anyone there is no problem. He/she can still transfer Universal Energy to heal effectively.

4)We always make sure the students understand this is not a religion. This method is an alternative way to help mankind discover another aspect of the latent potentials of the human mind and body. Through the study and practice, we cam develop our knowledge to have a better view about life from both the Physical and  Spiritual perspectives.

5)We offer this method to all people without any discrimination with regards to color, race, religion, sex, political or physical handicap. Anyone can learn Universal Energy transfer method. The only condition is that he/she must be at least 14 years old.

6)We can transfer Universal Energy to help anyone who request it and the service is totally “Free of Charge”. We do not make demands when people ask us to transfer Universal Energy to heal them.

OUR HQ- HUE Faculty, Inc., USA

When you view the website address as shown above, you will find general information about the HUE FACULTY including a brief description about our authentic educational program “Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®” such as an overview of our seminar schedule.
The HUE FACULTY explores the integral relationships among body, mind and soul.The primary objective of the educational program is to support the practitioner / student to enhance the mental state in order to deal easier with the daily challenges, to relieve stress and improve the power of concentration to achieve health, happiness and mental development for himself as well as for his fellow man.

It is based on the concept that a balance in the energetic state of the body and mind can be viewed as a condition of well being or good health. If the body received the sufficient energy that can flow freely throughout the body without any blockage, it has a better chance of maintaining this state of well being.

One of the reasons that cause the depletion of energy in the body is mental or physical stress. In a daily routine, the factors of working constantly, worrying too much, thinking continuously and disturbing fear can influence the flow of energy. As a result, these strains can take a toll on the body and mind. The body cannot eat or sleep well, the immune system is weakened, the brain is overworked, etc. The mind cannot focus, the emotion is out-of-control (moody), the decision process is irrational, etc. If this condition is prolonged, a person can eventually get sick physically or mentally.

According to the energetic concept in the HUE educational program, everything exists as Energy. Therefore, the technique of “energy-transfer” can be applied to help an affected (imbalanced) part of the body with the aim to clear the blockage and restore the normal energy flow to it. As a result, this process can gradually help to regain the energetic balance in the body and ultimately recovers its health and overall state of wellbeing.

Depending on the individual condition of each person, in terms of the physical, psychological and environmental factors, the application of energy-transfer can help to strengthen the immune system. Due to the unity of the body, mind and soul, the first sign of improvements can be detected on a psychological level (mind-level). From a positive mindset, this person will be able to focus better in order to improve the chance of recovery.

The educational program is not a medical treatment. It doesn’t use drugs or medicine, and complementary to any medical treatment. It is never considered as a substitute for the regular practice of medicine. It is solely applied additionally (complementary). In a broader sense it is a technique of meditation.

In order to apply the energy-transfer techniques effectively, you need to learn the proper method and have your energy-centers (Chakras) activated, which will enable you to receive and transfer the flow of Universal Energy effectively to help yourself or other people. This method is taught in the seminars. The authentic educational program in Human and Universal Energy ® consists of 4 levels (Basic-, Intermediate-,Advanced-, Specialized-) with a total number of 8 seminar units (01 HUE to 08 HUE, former Level 1 – Level 20). After completion of the 01 HUE Basic-Level, a practical application in everyday-life, family and profession is possible right away.

The authentic Program is offered by officially recognized partners / instructors by HUE FACULTY, Inc. The officially recognized instructors were trained and licensed by HUE FACULTY, Inc. or one of its legitimate partners. The instructors are offering the authentic Human and Universal Energy® educational program as unaffiliated and independent instructors with a personal registration number.The instructors are solely responsible for the content taught in the seminars based on their individual contractual relationship with each participant. In the list of partners you will find legitimate partners of HUE FACULTY, Inc.

Please note that we offer our authentic educational program as originally taught by its founder, Mr. Luong Minh Dang (1942 – 2007) under the registered trademarks “Human and Universal Energy® and “Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang®”.


The Director of MEL-UE Malaysia is Sister EDGOH BEE PITUGSKHETTE.

Sister Bee was with Master Dang since 1994 and has learned from Level 1 to Level 20 directly from the Master Dang. She still actively promotes and teaches Universal Energy under Master’s Original School — Mankind Enlightenment Love.

We are an organization teaching MEL Universal Energy to any one who is interested to help mankind to reduce suffering from physical pain, emotional stress, depression and also to improve personal well being. This philosophy was taught by Master  Luong Minh Dang.

Free services are available in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Alor Star, Ipoh, Kampar, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Whoever wishes to be treated by this healing method, please contact the person in charge at your nearest city. For those who stay in other areas, remote healing is also available. To understand further, please feel free to call our sub-centers or email to semelpng@gmail.com,  Ms Tan Seow Ean.

If you wish to communicate with Sis Bee, please email to beemel29@yahoo.com

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